The History


Retro Coffeemaker: Experience the old way of enjoying coffee.






In this period of technical innovation, such as satellite television, programmation, digitalisation and space shutles it is a nostalgic pleasure to relax with the Retro Coffeemaker.

Inspired by the old Vienna Coffeemaker of 1850 Monilisa is now manufacturing the durable Retro Coffeemaker.  Modern technology, precious metals and professional craftmanship are a guarantee for the solid construction and finishing.

Three models are available: Design - Classic - Uni in different finishing (copper, bronze-, silver - and gold plated)  to fit together on every table and in every living accomodation.  With every Retro there is a serving set available consisting of: serving tray, 6 mocca cups and saucers, 6 mocca spoons 24 Kt, creamer and sugar bowl.

How to brew the finest aromatic coffee ?

Water in the can and the ground coffee in the glass.  Ignite the flame and the system operates automatically.  The boiling water (96 C) is mixed with the coffee in the glas.  The balance mechanism lifts  the empty can and the flame is automatically extinguished.  By means of the vacuum effect the coffee flows back into the can through the metal filter.  The elegant pouring of the hot coffee through the small tap makes this cosy "on table" show into a special treat for yourself and your guests.

To let the whole world experience and enjoy this romantic ceremonial we are looking for agents, distributors and importers.

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