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The Retro Coffeemaker is a modern replica of what many connoisseurs consider to be the best brewing device ever invented.  The automatic balancing siphon was a French modification of the straight forward manually prepared French and English siphons dating back to 1842.

It is difficult to discover the exact moment when siphons first appeared since documentary evidence only begins when they are improved.  In France they where often knwn as "gabet" and Louis Gabet, who had a workshop in the Marais district of Paris, took out a patent in 1844.  He did not claim ownership of the entire construction of the balncing siphon but he did give a complete description of it and he added a statement at the end of the description saying that he would defend his counterpoise device by legal action if necessary.  The Gabet model with counterpoise was one of the more succesfull forms of balancing siphon.

The superior merits of the balancing siphon came to England where Apoleoni Pierre Preterre of Le Havre, France, sent greeting to her most Excellent Majesty Queen Victoria in a patent of 1849.  England, with its increasingly prosperous middle class, must have looked very attractive to Preterre where the rest of Europe was collapsing into revolution behind him.

Balancing siphons combined efficiency with the maximu visual appeal.  Coffee brewed in the balancing siphon is better because the coffee and the water meet at the right temperature and the coffee is then locked in a sealed container.  They provided inventors with years of harmless fun and became popular all over Europe.

I know your Retro will give you years of pleasure, to enjoy the traditions of coffee making, however you must remember that the quality of the coffee you use is just as important as the coffeemaker itself.   Enjoy your coffee.

Yours sincerely,

Edward Bramah